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Our Floors Have it All. Looks. Functionality. Safety. Comfort. Value

Your new floor needs to do it all. Not only does it have to exude quality and present a professional appearance, it must be safe, hygienic, and comfortable as well. As a studio owner and a professional in the fitness and performance arts, you know how important your performance surface is, and Signature Sports Flooring's SignaFlex Rolled Vinyl Flooring and SignaWood Hardwood Performance Flooring both provide an optimal combination of the characteristics you want for your floor. Request a free sample to see for yourself!

Your space is unique and the flooring you choose should reflect that! The Signature Sports Flooring Team experts are ready to work with you to find the perfect solution, based on the size of your room, the construction of the existing structure, your intended level of use, and your budget.

It's easy to get started! You can request a sample, speak with a flooring expert, or request a free quote – no obligations! Simply call (800) 705-1544 or send us this quick form.

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SignaFlex™ Rolled Vinyl Flooring

Versatile, quick to install, and affordable, SignaFlex Rolled Vinyl flooring is the ideal choice for many style-conscious studio professionals. It is very durable and can stand up to serious wear and tear, but still provides an elegant look and a comfortable feel underfoot.

SignaFlex Features:

  • Real wood appearance without the real wood cost
  • 8 faux wood finishes, 10 textured color finishes
  • Four-layer construction for optimal performance
  • Resistant to dirt build-up
  • Bacteriostatic agent suppresses bacteria build-up
  • Vinyl provides durable protection against wear and tear
  • Reinforced woven glass fiber inner layer creates stability
  • Shock absorbent, closed-cell foam backing provides great energy return
  • Coefficient of friction can vary, depending on your needs
  • Optimal slip resistance for dance, yoga, pilates, and other physical arts
  • Area-indentation resistant
  • Maintains structure even with strenuous use
  • 10 year warranty

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SignaWood™ Harwood Performance Flooring

SignaWood Hardwood Performance Flooring combines classic elegance, high-quality construction, and ergonomic performance, making it the top choice of studio professionals who want the very best floor for their space. Precision-cut beech planks provide the beauty, engineered construction and a choice of sprung undercarriage systems provides the performance. The wide variety of options available makes this a highly customizable flooring choice as well.

SignaWood Features:

  • 7/8" PEFC™ certified solid European press-dried Beech self-supporting boards
  • Environmentally friendly harvested and milled
  • Multi-layered polyurethane finish
  • Choice of 6 undercarriage systems to provide the perfect solution for you
  • Temporary system available
  • Fully sprung, ergonomically supportive surface
  • Superior shock absorption
  • Variety of carriage systems to match low to high wear needs
  • Excellent sound step performance
  • Suitable for under-floor heating
  • Variety of profile heights available
  • Solutions for uneven substrates available

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